Emilia Andrews is the long lost twin of Cristine Prosperi. She is 17 years young, in her senior year, used to be a ‘Misfit’ and has turned into a ‘Beauty Queen’.

There’s a stranger in my bed.

Emilia could never blend in her given environment. She always had to be different from the rest. Her clothes, hair, opinions, dislikes, likes and others were always different and odd to the rest of her peers. The brunette couldn’t make friends easily because of her originality. Her peers shunned her, as if she was a plague or a disease. Emilia had so much to give to the world, but because she remained different and friendless, she had kept it all to herself. At home, it wasn’t much of a difference, she was always ignored by her parents, who were too busy working and taking care of her younger siblings. So Emilia had to share her thoughts and feelings to herself in her tiny journal, but even her diary wasn’t enough for what she had to say. Emilia wasn’t bothered so much with her friendless behavior, as long as she was being herself, then the brunette found no reason to be sad about her loneliness.

There’s a pounding in my head.

Emilia would often wear a large, leather coat to cover her whole body up. Even if it was higher than one hundred degrees fahrenheit outside. She was often ignored at school, and anywhere she stepped foot on. Nobody would know who she was. Emilia could drown in a swimming pool filled with 50 people, and they still wouldn’t notice her. But soon after the party, people recognized her. But not for what Emilia wanted. Every guy lusted over her, and every girl wanted to be her. And it was all because some lame werewolf ruined her leather coat, and she had to take it off. But even though, she may  have friends now, and maybe a few secret admirers here and there. The new attention she got definitely did not change her quirky personality.

Glitter all over the room.

Emilia had drank every, single cup she was handed at at the party. She loved how even though, people were offering her a beverage, they had actually noticed her. A few even complimented her on the bright, red shoes, she had made for her ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ costume. But then, some werewolf got his food all over Emilia’s coat, and she had eventually taken it off, revealing her slim body in that horrid, and skimpy outfit of hers. Suddenly all eyes were on her, and many people offered her drinks and started talking to the brunette. After that halloween party, Emilia decided to ditch her leather coat, but keep her personality.


Relationships yo

She is currently unavailable.

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